Children are special here at Valley Grove.  The Bible, God’s Word, is our guide. In the Old Testament, we are exhorted to teach our children the Word of God in every way, at all times. In the New Testament, Jesus tells us we are to come to Him as little children. It is our honored privilege and greatest responsibility to help train up your children in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.

Wednesday & Sunday Lessons

October 4- Deborah & Barak
October 8- Revelation Part 1
October 11- Gideon
October 15- Revelation Part 2
October 18- Samsom
October 22- Walking With God
October 25-Costume Night-Costume Contest –
NO SCARY MASK- Ruth & Boaz
October 28- Harvest Festival 5:00-700
October 29- Being Disciplined 
November 1-Reward Night/crazy hair night- Eli and Boy Samuel
November 5- The Good Samaritian
November 8- Israel Demanded a King
November 12- Fruit of the Spirit
November 15- Alabama Auburn Night/ God Rejected
Saul as King
November 19- What’s In The Bible?
November 22- Children’s Christmas Music Rehearsal/David Was Annointed and Fought Golliath
November 26- Who Wrote The Bible?
November 29- Singing at Nursing Home
December 3
December 6
December 10
December 13
December 17
December 20
December 24
December 27
December 31