On September 23, 1873, the first two services of Valley Grove were held. Services were suspended until a house was built on an acre of land given by John Aycock. The first pastor was Rev. Sam M. Steenson, Colbert county Tax Assessor, and his first text was Philippians 3:8. He preached the third Saturday and Sunday of each month for a monthly salary of 85 cents, three gallons of milk (30 cents) and a pound of butter (25 cents). After two services, church was suspended until a house could be built. At that time, school was held in the church. The first teachers were Alex Berry, Dr. Tom Cullander, and Mr. McCluskey.

          The first of three sanctuaries was a small one-room building dedicated March 22, 1874. This building was later torn down, and the lumber sold for $18.00.

The second sanctuary was a one-room frame building, 38×54 feet, built in early 1930’s. Tom Stanford donated trees which members cut and hauled to the mill for lumber. Two groups of men began putting down the floor from opposite sides and upon meeting, left a large crack in the middle.

          The church was voted into the Colbert-Lauderdale Association on September 15, 1938. Our Church Training department, organized in 1942-43 but discontinued for a time, was reorganized in 1952. The WMU was reorganized in 1948 with 14 members and is now active. The Brotherhood and RA’s are now reorganized. In 1956, the church paid $1,500.00 to Mr. Louis Johnson for two acres of land adjoining the west side of the church property. Later two additional adjoining acres were purchased for the same price. John W. Johnson gave two-tenths of an acre to the church. M. H. Kidd gave an acre to the church, bringing the total to six acres. In 1965, the present sanctuary was built for approximately $130,000. The sanctuary seated 510 people plus choir members. The steeple is 37 feet high.

          The first pastorium was built in 1953. The members did much of the work. The current pastorium was built in 1986.

          Rev. William Henry Uhlman is the only ordained minister to be reared in our church.

          On August 1, 1982, the church honored Bro. Hollis Kitchen as Pastor Emeritus of Valley Grove Baptist Church. In 1995 the church remodeled the sanctuary. The front of the sanctuary was completely redone. The sanctuary was painted, new carpet and theatrical lights were installed.

          In 1999 the church voted to build a new fellowship hall, with a new kitchen, conference room and space for three Sunday School rooms, along with a balcony for additional rooms at a later date. Dedication of the New Building was held on Sunday, January 30, 2000.

          God has richly blessed this congregation over the years. We have been fortunate to have so many members who have contributed to the success of the church, and have worked together in the many different ways. They have contributed spiritually, financially, and physically, in the life of Valley Grove Baptist Church. Throughout the years the most exciting thing to happen at Valley Grove is seeing souls saved. The people are to be commended for their faithfulness. But most of all it is our Lord, who deserves credit for everything that He has done at Valley Grove. Our aim is to continue to work for our Lord and let Him have all the glory, and to let our light shine as a beacon to our community. May this always be our purpose for existing at Valley Grove Baptist Church.


Church Pastors – 1873-1940

Samuel Steenson

Bro. Roberts

J. O. A. Pace

John Ray Nesmith

C. P. McCorkley

T. J. Rose

Albert Jackson

Silas Lange – 1940-1942

Y. L. Anthony – 1942-1944

W. E. Calvert – 1945-1949

Richard Inman – 1949-1950

Otho Machen – 1951-1955

Hollis Kitchen – 1955-1961

John Crawford 1961-1964

C. G. Redding – 1964-1970

Burlie Taylor – 1970-1974

Larry Wright – 1974-1991

Brian Broom – 1992-1993

Dr. J. Gregory Davis – 1994-2008

Dr. Greg Beasley – 2010-Present



*The prints on this page were created by Sandra Woodis, a member of Valley Grove Baptist Church.