Events Calendar

  • January 1 – Happy New Year (Will have SS and regular service)
  • January 1- January Bible Study Begins (Sunday evenings on Facebook – 8 week series on Ephesians)
  • January 2 – Office Closed
  • January 3 – Senior Game Night (5:30-8pm Everyone is Welcome)
  • January 11- New SGU Classes begin 6:15pm
  • January 11 – Church feeding the BCM at UNA (Bring Chili to the gym at 9am)
  • January 17 – Senior Adult’s Day Trip to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
  • January 19 – Events & Newsletter Articles Due for February
  • January 22- Gym Reserved
  • January 28 – Gym Reserved
  • January 28 – Bible Drill Retreat













Our January Bible study will begin this Sunday Evening at 6pm on Facebook. There will be eight sessions, each led by a different Servant Leader of our church. Here is a little info on the Bible Study:
The letter to the Ephesians is filled with theological wisdom and practical insight for how to live as a Christian. Perhaps better than any book in the New Testament, this letter highlights how to define our identity through our relationship to Christ. In it we see we have been chosen by God, called to be His children, and saved by grace. Furthermore, we see how this calling and identification with Christ leads us to be unified with one another both in the church and in our interpersonal relationships. It calls us to live lives of holiness and persevere in our faith despite obstacles. Through Paul’s letter, we find out who we are in Christ.