VGYTH Upcoming Events…
Benji Kimbrough is our  youth director and his wife, Amy, is also the financial secretary. They have 2 teenage boys that are a part of the youth group and also a baby girl. They will work alongside each other to serve our youth at Valley Grove. You can see a video on our Facebook page with more information. Here is a link to the video on Facebook.

We would like to welcome you to Valley Grove Baptist Church. Our youth ministry is based around equipping our students with what is needed to face those day-to-day challenges that make the Christian life so hard sometimes. This is done through the teaching of God’s Word, fellowship with each other and encouraging each other throughout the week, and most importantly, loving each other.


Not only do we want to strengthen our students, but we also want to strengthen our families. If your entire family comes to church, we want to help you grow as a family. If you are alone, we want to be your family and reach out to those family members that may not come.


I hope you will consider visiting us and find a reflection of Jesus Christ in all of us. If you have any questions feel free to contact the church. You can also look at our Facebook Page to see what our Youth is up to,

God bless and may He lead you in all things.