We are so glad you decided to visit us today! If you are looking for a church home we would love to have you join us.
If you are looking for someone or something to fill that void in your life we would like to introduce you to Jesus Christ the One and Only!
At Valley Grove, we are committed to ministering to individuals and families in the best way possible.  Listed below are just a few of the ways that make our Family of Faith a special place to be.

Service Times

9:15 am – Sunday School
10:30 am – Morning Worship
4:00 pm – Celebration Choir Practice
5:00 pm – Discipleship Training
6:00 pm – Evening Worship
5:00 pm – Children/Youth Meal Time
5:35 pm – Children/Youth Activities
6:00 pm – College & Career Bible Study
6:15 pm – Bible Study & Prayer
What We Are About


God’s love fills our hearts and we strive to demonstrate His love in our lives.  From the youngest child to the oldest adult, everybody is somebody at Valley Grove Baptist Church.


Our Family of Faith is committed to sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ with everyone because everyone is someone for whom Christ died.


We are a place where people can come and build lasting friendships with other believers. Our Family of Faith provides a place of encouragement, support, and fellowship that is so vital to the Christian life.


Our goal is to help every believer grow in their understanding of God’s Word so that each one can experience the victory and joy of life in Jesus Christ.
Weekly Calendar
Sunday, May 1st
9:15 am – Sunday School
10:30 am – Worship Service
4:00 pm – Deacon Meeting
5:00 pm – Discipleship Training
6:00 pm – Evening Service
Monday, 2nd
10:00 am – Monday Morning Ministry Visiting


8:30 am – Clothing Ministry

Wednesday, 4th

No Children’s Activities
6:00 pm – Services moved to the Florence Coliseum for Prayer Rally
Week of 28th-May 1st
Scripture of the Week
Christ Himself suffered fro sins once.  He was not guilty, but He suffered for those who are guilty to bring you to God. His body was killed, but He was made alive in the spirit. 1 Peter 3:18
Thoughts To Think On!
Have you been honest to fully tithe your time and talents to God?
Trivia – May 1st
1.  Whose wife despised him for
dancing in the streets?
2. What instrument is usually
associated with dance in the Bible?
3. What book says, “Our dance is
turned into mourning?”
4. According to Job, whose
children dance about and make music?
5. What Old Testament
character’s name means “laughter”?
Trivia Answers
for the April 24th
1. Those who weep (Luke 6:21)
2. Ecclesiastes (2:2)
3. Proverbs (14:13)
4. Children (Luke 7:32)
5. The priests of Baal (1 Kings


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