Mrs. Mary Underwood is our children’s director. She teaches Children’s Church during the morning worship time and also for Wednesday night lessons. 
Download the new app, Elexio Community, in the app store. Each of these forms can be completed in the app. And also we will be checking in the children with the app. Contact Mrs. Mary Underwood, if you have any questions. Please click on each link to complete the form and submit. 
Children and youth Medical Form. All children must have an updated form. Click on the link to complete the form.
In order to work with the children at Valley Grove, you must have a background check. You must have been in attendance at VG for at least 6 months. Here is the link for the background check. 
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The Ultimate Valentine

       Over $250 billion is spent each year buying flowers, sending cards, and delivering candy on Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, withValley Grove Children's Lessons over 6 million marriage proposals on this day.

        Unfortunately, the excitement is soon forgotten as the flowers fade, the cards are read, and the candy is eaten.  These items and symbols of love are only temporary, while God’s love is everlasting.

     In Isaiah 54:10, God reveals His unchanging love for us.  Long after Valentine’s Day, God’s love endures and doesn’t center on beauty or behavior. His love is unconditional as our perfect father.

    The Gospel is our ultimate Valentine because we can receive and share God’s love with others.  Paul describes God’s love in

1 Corinthians 13:1-8 as patient, selfless, and kind. It will never become obsolete.

   This Valentine’s Day, remember the love that expresses unconditional commitment and endurance without regard to feelings.  God’s love provides a priceless sacrifice for us, His child (John 3:16), which is the ultimate meaning of love.


Love, Mary