Children are special here at Valley Grove.  The Bible, God’s Word, is our guide. In the Old Testament, we are commanded to teach our children the Word of God in every way, at all times. In the New Testament, Jesus tells us we are to come to Him as little children. It is our honor to help train up your children in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.
Mrs. Mary Underwood is our children’s director. She records the lessons for Children’s Church and also for Wednesday night lessons. These are loaded on the Valley Grove Baptist Children’s Page on Facebook. You can find it on Valley Grove Baptist Facebook page. Request to join the children’s page. We make sure not to allow strangers on our page. If you are a new member to Valley Grove or visitor and we don’t know you, see Mrs. Mary about being added to the page. Her information can be found on the staff page..
Download the new app, Elexio Community, in the app store. Each of these forms can be completed in the app. And also we will be checking in the children with the app. Contact Mrs. Mary Underwood, if you have any questions. Please click on each link to complete the form and submit. 
Children and youth Medical Form. All children must have an updated form. Click on the link to complete the form. 
Volunteer Liability Waiver
In order to work with the children at Valley Grove, you must have a background check. You must have been in attendance at VG for at least 6 months. Here is the link for the background check. 
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